Chip Dixon

FOUNDER, Inventor

Chip's a guy who appreciates when things just work. Not only does his Hexa Garden design work, but it's designed to work for you individually. With a degree in Regenerative Design, he's got the skills and experience to innovate your gardening experience––and has done so with all the add-on's available to grow what you love most.


Heidi Dixon

Co-FOUNDER, Green Thumb

As Lead Product Tester, Heidi intuitively knows what works and what does not work in the garden. After gardening in the prototype Hexa Garden beds for the last two years, Heidi has confidence in this system––knowing first hand how exciting an innovation like this really is!  



Spirit Guide

As the official Protector of Chickens and Lead Security Detail (mainly for keeping neighborhood cats out of the garden beds), this guy has got his paws full! His favorite part of the garden? Playing fetch with kale stalks after harvest.