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Dedicated to conservation, independence, sustainability, nutrition, and the ease of growing organic food at home.

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Our Mission, Briefly Stated:

To create high-quality products that work for you. Through design solutions, we want to cultivate a sense of sustainability, innovation, and self-reliance –– one backyard at a time. We create products that will save you time and money while adding intrinsic value to your home gardening experience. 

Our Four Core Values


We set out to conserve your time, space, and your water. The Hexa Garden can be assembled with no tools and average build time is under 30-mins. Interlaced hexagons are a more efficient shape –– giving you planting space around the perimeter. All these advantages paired with broadcasting water with a low flow irrigation head in radial patterns, you’ll conserve water and in turn, your money.


Find empowerment through utilizing your backyard to grow organic food, lower your grocery bill, save time, and create a lifestyle filled with independence. The Hexa Garden's largest bed is 6' in diameter, which can be easily tiered if you are limited in space. We even have an Urban Hexa Garden for those with decks rather than yards. 


We strive for excellence in sustainability with every aspect of our design. We source our Juniper through conservation projects in Eastern Oregon and have it milled by a small mill in Summer Lake. Our aluminum corner brackets are recyclable, are made in Coburg and are made of 66% post consumer recycled content.


A healthy life is a happy one. After a season of growing food in your Hexa Gardens, see where you haven't led a healthier life. A Hexa Garden encourages more daily physical movement, exposure to natural vitamin-D rich sunshine, freshly harvested organic plant-based diets, and again –– time outside. Hexa Gardens truly beckon a happier, healthier life.  


“Simple and efficient gardening is the only way you'll find yourself coming back day after day, year after year.”

CHIP DIXON  |  Founder


Our Story

As told by Chip Dixon, Founder and Inventor of Hexa Gardens

We're in an exciting time. Innovation is making our lives simpler and much, much more efficient. As a designer, that's exactly what I struck out to do with Hexa Gardens raised bed gardening system.

Setting out to build a garden for my wife and myself, we kept running into gross inefficiencies with the way the current paradigm of the urban garden was growing itself. The first season we started out with a large raised bed made with rocks from our yard, we had a productive season but became frustrated with navigating stepping stones and watering an oddly shaped bed. In our second season, we set out with row crops running the length of the garden. We found these to be inefficient to navigate having to walk the entire length of the garden just to get to the other side of a row. Not only that but we found that the plants did not seem to fit well in a rectangle –– they seemed to be bursting out of the sides of the bed while leaving gaps in the garden at the same time. That's when I decided to put my background in regenerative design to use. 

"The hexagon is one of the strongest forms found in nature. We've designed radial patterns in nearly every aspect of the Hexa Garden to capitalize on this fact."

I wanted a garden that not only held soil but also integrated all other aspects of gardening infrastructure. Not just a garden bed but an entire, cohesive gardening system. I wanted to be able to have the option to add trellises or shade structures with ease. To create a tomato cage that was as dynamic as a growing plant itself. A bed that could be assembled and disassembled easily, so I could have my chickens turn and blend my soil for me after harvest.

I modeled our garden beds after some of the most genius designers found in nature, the bee. The hexagon is one of the strongest forms found in nature and it because of its ecliptic shape, the hexagon provides more valuable perimeter space in relation to its square footage than a square. Nature prefers radial patterns in nearly every aspect and Hexa Gardens capitalizes on that fact. Plants tend to grow in radial patterns and water likes to be thrown in a radius. It just works better!  

By creating five hexagonal raised garden beds out of pallet wood –– we built our first Hexa Garden prototype! Measuring five feet from side to side the beds were extremely ergonomic to work in. Standing at the apex of one hexagon we came to love having access to two more beds right behind us! We found ourselves meandering through the trails of our garden, shifting aspect with ease and running our hands through our beautiful food forest. 

That year we doubled the square footage of our garden and by ditching our soaker hoses for 360 radial watering heads we reduced our water bill by 75%.

Get your hands dirty, join the Hexa Gardening movement! Build this garden with no tools in 30-minutes, get your hands dirty in beautiful, lush soil, plant some seeds, and watch your future grow.



Ready to GROW?